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    ICEBAR LONDON 31-33 Heddon Street Mayfair London W1B 4BN If you’re looking for someone to share the Christmas season with then Speed Dater are here to help.

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    Dilemma Dilemma features, figurat Dilemma: actor terribly OTT on stage?

    Dijon water Dik Browne cartoon girl Dik Browne's "Hi and ___"Dik Browne's "___ the Hor Dike, Eunomia and Irene Dilapidated Dilapidated boat Dilapidated building Dilapidated motel next to California, place of legend Dilapidated tenement Dilapidation Dilate Dilates Dilating abnormally, I injected heart drug Dilatory sort of hero worship Dilbert co-worker Dilbert is stuck on it Dilbert, e.g.

    Dirty tricks on the campa Dirty work identifies party faction Dirty, like a small lake?

    Dirty footballer crossing line Dirty Harry's employer: ADirty Harry's grp. Dirty rat Dirty reading Dirty stuff Dirty substance Dirty tool?

    Disciplined Disciplines Disclaim Disclaimer on a sale tag Disclose Disclose what offers kept a reserve Disclosed revenue in part of film not broadcast Discloses Disclosure of confidential information Disclosure on e Harmony Discman maker Disco biscuits reportedly alleviate pain Disco fan on "The Simpson Disco feature Disco flasher Disco fruit?

    Discommode Discommode, with "at"Discompose Discomposed Disconcert Disconcert and then some Disconcert discounter discounting small discount Disconcerted Disconcerting Disconcertingly holds back gunpowder component Disconnect Disconnected Disconnected, in music: ADisconnected, musically Disconnected, separated Disconnects adverts for peacekeepers? Discontent verging on insurrection Discontented fairy keels over in pub, leaving the rest standing Discontinuance Discontinue Discontinue for now Discontinue with article on church in the middle of Vaucluse Discontinue, as a project Discontinued Discontinued Chevrolet mo Discontinued coins Discontinued fliers, quic Discontinued G. car Discontinued German money Discontinued money Discontinued Saturn Discontinued, with "out"Discontinues Discontinuity Discontinuous Discord Discord in street, widespread Discordant Discordant noise from drifted sand in port?

    Dinner course Dinner course in Dresden Dinner crumbs Dinner ender Dinner for Dobbin Dinner for the Cratchits Dinner fowl Dinner from a bucket Dinner from previous dinn Dinner function government is winding up Dinner in a bowl Dinner in a can Dinner jacket Dinner leftover for Bowse Dinner offerings Dinner or lunch Dinner party Dinner plate scraping Dinner rooster Dinner scraps Dinner signals Dinner specialty of an R&Dinner spread Dinner spreads Dinner substitutes Dinner table command, wit Dinner table exhortation Dinner table item on a st Dinner table? Dire poets Dire proof-of-purchase sl Dire prophecy Dire signs could be characteristic of dead body?

    Dine, in DDined Dined Dined at home Dined on, formally Dined with artist, bill's covered for both parties Diner Diner accident Diner basketful Diner bottle Diner cupful Diner cupfuls Diner cuppa Diner dessert Diner devices Diner dish Diner employee Diner entree Diner feature Diner fixture, informally Diner fixtures, informall Diner freebie Diner freebies Diner handout Diner in "Alice"Diner jarful Diner list Diner manager/waitress in Diner music player, infor Diner music players, in b Diner of 1970s-'80s TVDiner offering Diner on "Alice"Diner option Diner order Diner order, briefly Diner order, with "the"Diner orders Diner patrons Diner sandwich Diner serving Diner side Diner sign Diner sign filler Diner souvenir Diner stack Diner's bill Diner's card Diner, for one Dinero Dinero dispensers Diners Diners' requests Dines Dines at a restaurant Dines at home Dinesen who wrote "Out of Dinette piece Dinette set spot Dinette settings Dinette spot Ding Ding Dong alternative Ding Dong alternatives Ding Dong filler Ding Dongs competitor Ding Dongs, e.g. Dings Dingus Dining Dining highlight Dining occasions right for introduction of nutritious rolls Dining option Dining room drawer Dining room piece Dining table expander Dining table sights Dinky Dinner and a movie, perha Dinner at boot camp Dinner bird Dinner bread Dinner bun Dinner companion? the Ebro flows Dire early morning warnin Dire fate Dire game across Atlantic, involving ball Dire outcome of participation having no consequences?

    Diplomatic Diplomatic achievement Diplomatic arrangements Diplomatic doings Diplomatic officer, one with volunteer force in surprisingly athletic army Diplomatic representative Diplomatic skill Diplomatic success Diplomatic successes Diplomatic to-do Diplomatic trait Diplomatic woe Diplomats' concern Diplomats' place: Abbr. or a s Director's cut turned up with a new short film Director's directive Director's dream Director's opposite Director's option Director's order Director's prerogative Director, not quite 20, sees cast Director, writer and acto Director/actor Braff of "Directorial demand Directories Directors Ang and Spike Directors backing eccentric without substance Directors begin dithering in spring's union rounds Directors check broadcasts Directors Ethan and Joel Directors Ferrara and Gan Directors of vehicle company making relocation to North Cheam Directors Spike and Ang Directors' prerogatives Directory Directory contents Directory data: Abbr. Directs Directs (to)Directs a hoedown Directs musicians Directs plays over here in Paris, getting panned Directs rising model to enter, this far ahead?

    Diplomat Diplomat Abba Diplomat and Adventurer Diplomat Annan Diplomat born in Cape Tow Diplomat Boutros Boutros-Diplomat Deane Diplomat Deane of early ADiplomat Harriman Diplomat having bad year without girl Diplomat Mesta Diplomat representing Catholic Union Diplomat Root Diplomat Silas Diplomat who negotiated a Diplomat's aide Diplomat's asset Diplomat's bldg. Diplomat's forte Diplomat's goal Diplomat's post Diplomat's quest Diplomat's skill Diplomat: Abbr. Director Reiner Director Reitman Director Riefenstahl Director Robert Director Rohmer Director Rossellini Director Satyajit Ray's n Director Schumacher Director Sergio Director Sidney Director Spike Director Stanley Director to do well around timeless film locations? Director Van Sant Director Vittorio Director Vittorio De ___Director W. Van ___Director was killed in Italy Director Welles Director Wenders Director Wertm Director Wertmuller Director who received a 7Director who won his firs Director ___ C. "Director's an international artist Director's call Director's cry Director's cry ...

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