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    Carbon 14 dating and religion best pictures online dating sites

    Anything that was once alive or that was produced by a living thing can be dated by using the radiocarbon method of dating.

    This method, which received widespread attention in connection with the Dead Sea Scrolls, relies on the fact that all living things take in carbon, some of which is very slightly radioactive. To hear some people tell it, scientists have nearly absolute confidence in the dating methods they use.

    C-14 enters the air by the action of cosmic radiation.

    Cosmic rays enter our Earth's atmosphere from outer space.

    One also assumes that all the sand is in the bottom of the glass when one turns it over. He must look for something in the bone which disappears over time, as the sand disappeared from the top chamber of the egg timer.

    The disappearance must take place at a known and measurable rate.

    By tipping the glass when the egg starts cooking, one learns when three minutes are up and the boiling should be stopped.

    One assumes that there is enough sand in the timer so that it takes three minutes for it to move from the top of the glass to the bottom of the glass.

    And on the basis of these methods, many scientists announce that the Bible's record of history is not accurate.The beta rays given off when C-14 changes to C-12 can be counted with a counting machine such as the Geiger counter.If many counts per minute (beta rays), are measured, high radioactivity and, therefore, much C-14 is present.Some of the scientists who date by C-14 claim these are only small fluctuations and would have no overall effect.But if there can be small fluctuations in the amount of the C-14 produced in the atmosphere day by day, then there could have been greater fluctuations in Earth's history. What might such changes in the atmosphere mean for dating studies?

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