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    Cast Incest is a variant of Romance on the Set, where two actors from a TV series or film start dating in real life, after they've been playing family members in the show.

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    Keep in mind that polish girls have romantic views of foreign nationalities(the English gentleman,the Latin dancer,the French gigolo etc). Now the stereotypes after meeting with them tend to transform to the drunk English,the horny Latino,the snobbish French,the crook Greek etc but these changes in beliefs take time.

    As for Mediterranean guys being underwhelming physically compared to polish guys this is true for Italians and Spanish but not true for Greeks, Serbs, Croats.

    On the other hand we by and large have already lost the exotic factor for polish women and when I asked them they told me we look good but not that better from polish guys. Spanish guys are not highly desired as foreigner suitors.

    Physically they rank very lowly, don't keep in shape, skinny fat, narrow shoulders. In my travels across the world I have never faced any competition from Spaniards, they lack the killer instinct.

    The problem is the general craziness(especially in case of Serbs) and some mental instability(we get too enraged easily) that can rip from us the benefits.

    For example if I go to a club with polish girls and there are western guys, American guys, Arabs, Asians, Latins or whatever I never worry.

    They're always curious to know where I'm from and what I'm doing there.

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    If there are Serbs, Greeks, Albanians, Croats I sweat. He said that if you were Spanish, the girls would get wet.

    About the Mediterranean guys - they are not really a competition to polish guys with game and looks (on the other hand there is not that many of them unfortunately) pretty much because they are mostly half of our size, they got luck that polish girls are so petite The cockblock by polish guys usually takes two forms: 1.

    They come and stand still between you and the girl looking into your eyes and breathing heavily with shoulders wide open as if to frighten you.

    All the girls know that they're there to perhaps meet a guy. Poland is a relatively poor country, so it's not very easy for them to spend much time abroad as much as they want to. Dancing - A lot of the girls are really into dancing. And so if you're a good dancer it'll only help you.

    So they typically won't stand in the way of you conversating, sharing drinks or dancing. They are all familiar with the phrase "The American Dream" and think that NY is the greatest city in the world. In particular the girls love to be spun around and grind on the dance floor.

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