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    This can be the football star among cheerleaders, or the smart guy who gets the best grades. Once you hack whatsapp account, you can also send or receive messages from the hacked account of the target.

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    Since he is already pretty far down the line of succession, it will not be a big deal with the firm. After they are married and Harry becomes the Duke of Sussex, gradually he will have less Royal family functions.

    Especially as William & Kate's kids age and Wills becomes Prince of Wales.

    There was also the elephant tea pot, the British-flag dog sweater on the dogs that she has apparently since dumped, the elephant cell phone case, the spooning bananas, the puzzle. Prior to MM, I had never noticed Harry's deformed nose, but now I can't help but notice it and the fact that hers is shaped the same in profile.

    They also both have very close-set eyes, except she's a little cross-eyed, and the same shape face. She's also channeling Waity, with the same-style wiglet that Waity always wears.

    If they marry, r14, I hope she likes becoming a mother at age 40.

    Her kid will resent having the oldest mother at graduation.

    They are not yet being called out on that in the press, either. Gawd save us from the fools on here who think they're superior because they're white. R81 doesn't realize that they're a racist piece of shit.

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    This was not the venue to use to stage there "Look at us" moment. Hopefully Harry really does adore her and isn't just temporarily besotted.They're a real couple, but this event was not the proper place for this obvious PR lovey-dovey stunt.[quote] It's so odd that he went from dating blonde after blonde after blonde to the totally opposite physical type. Finally, with Meghan, he found someone thirsty enough to take the bait. What horrible crime did she commit that people are giving her a free pass on.I think it's fantastic but odd for a typical hetero man, no? "Awkward cocktail hours with Camilla and Charles at Highgrove, talking about hunting and horses? Wasn't it just last year that Harry was trying to hook up to any young starlet he could find? Diana fake narrative: suddenly the royal family is relevant again because someone CARES & wears FROCKS.Their presence actually brings attention to the event; it doesn't detract from it. Gawd save us from the fools on here who will brook no criticism of a POC because their skin is not-white.Still, while neither of them are raving beauties, I find them much more interesting than boring Prince William and Duchess Kate Agreed that Wills and Waity are the drippiest of the drippy, but perhaps the Invictus Games participants, their families and loved ones might like a wee bit of the spotlight on the wounded warriors rather than these two mental (in the British sense of "mental") munchkins? They're good people and Meghan is going to be a lovely Duchess/Princess after she marries Harry. Get over it bitches, this is a done deal, Meghan will be Royalty soon.[quote]They both need to go off into the sunset and never be heard from again, because it was utterly shitty of them to upstage the Invictus Games with their attention-whore stunt. And no, she doesn't need to buy some hair to make you happy. She could be a murderer but her colour will cut her a free pass for along while, especially with black UK: which is its own sad comment on how desperate people can be for affirmation through celebrities.

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