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    But ACN, like all business ventures, is a risk – and the only way you make it big is by taking risks. Think for a moment why you would say yes to ACN – probably not because of the odds, but because you know that you have all these people in your upline who are doing it already and are willing to help you. : ad interim (untuk sementara waktu) A & I : 1) accident and indemnity (kecelakaan dan antirugi), 2) accident insurance (asuransi kecelakaan) AIBA : Associate Internatiole Boxes Amateur (asosiasi tinju amatir) AICAF : Association for International Cooperation for Agriculture and Forestry (asosiasi pertanian dan kehutanan internasional) AICPA : American Institute of Certified Pulic Accountant (organisasi profesi akuntan publik di Amerika) AID : Agency for International Development (badan pembangunan internasional) AIDA : Australian Indonesia Development Area AIDS : acquired immuno deficiency syndrome (sekumpulan gejala atau sindrom yang timbul karena rusaknya sistem kekebalan tubuh manusia akibat virus HIV) AIH : American Institute of Homeopathy (institut homeopathy Amerika) AIHA : American Industrial Hygiene Association (asosiasi industri kesehatan Amerika) AIM : Asian Institute of Management (institut manajemen Asia) AIPI : Asosiasi Ilmu Politik Indonesia AIPMC : ASEAN Inter Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus (kaukus Myanmar antarparlemen ASEAN) AIPO : ASEAN Inter Parliamentary Organization (oganisasi antarparlemen dari negara-negara yang tergabung dalam organisasi ASEAN) AIPS : Association Internationale de la Presse Sportive aipda : ajun inspektur polisi dua (pangkat bintara polisi, di atas bripka dan di bawah aiptu) aiptu : ajun inspektur polisi satu (pangkat bintara polisi, di atas aipda dan di bawah ipda) AIS : Akademi Ilmu Statistika AIVL : Australian IV League AJI : Aliansi Jurnalistik Independen.

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    Sifting through thousands of profiles to find new relationships on a general social networking site is like finding a needle in a haystack.What makes social networking so popular are features such as friend networks, tagging, blogging, photo albums, and forums (a.k.a. These features allow people to connect with other people in different ways beyond traditional user search engines."Our goal at is to take the niche of social networking and its features and make it dating-centric, opening up new ways to connect people who are looking to date and find new relationships," said Luke Kalish, President of Online Singles, LLC.is a free online dating site with built-in social networking features.Everyone is welcome to find their perfect doctor love or quality friendships, whether you are a doctor or just want to find a doctor.Leave your footsteps, the best doctor you want to socialize will be here for you!Work to Their Time: Although they may be at the hospital for many hours in a row, doctors will have some downtime where they can chat, converse and even flirt.

    After you log in, you can search many single doctors by keywords.

    This is especially true for doctors who work in hospitals.

    Being "On-Call": The patients come first which means that at a moment's notice they will have to drop everything and race back to the hospital.

    It may not seem right or fair, but the truth is that the patients much come first in a doctor's life.

    Long Hours: Many doctors work extended shifts with going 48 hours straight or longer being quite common.

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