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    The app was launched by the social elite - among them Jesse Johnson, a one-time actor and the son of Don Johnson and Patti D’Arbanville.

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    They do not attempt to conceptualize the meanings of the Qur'an rationally, and believe that the "real" modality should be consigned to God alone (tafwid).

    to describe those self-claiming Salafi groups who began developing an interest in (armed) jihad during the mid-1990s.

    For instance, many are careful always to use three fingers when eating, to drink water in three pauses, and to hold it with the right hand while sitting.

    In legal matters, Salafis are divided between those who, in the name of independent legal judgement (ijtihad), reject strict adherence (taqlid) to the four schools of law (madhahib) and others who remain faithful to these.

    Purists focus on education and missionary work to solidify the tawhid; activists focus on political reform and re-establishing a caliphate through the means of evolution, but not violence (sometimes called Salafist activism); and jihadists share similar political goals as the politicians, but engage in violent Jihad (sometimes called Salafi jihadism and/or Qutbism).

    "Purists" are Salafists who focus on non-violent da'wah (preaching of Islam), education, and "purification of religious beliefs and practices".

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      Only women with polycystic ovary syndrome had consistently well-timed endometrial histologic features with clomiphene citrate therapy.

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